Review of Sicbo Australia

Occasionally, a casino favorite may be modified in a manner that gives it a regional or national touch, transforming it into a minor variant that is popular in a select locales. In other instances, a name is only a name, and a game with a unique nomenclature will seem instantly familiar once it is played.

Sicbo Australia is mostly in the second camp. While the game is named after Australia, there is nothing about this table that sets it apart from any other sic bo table in the globe, except for the comparatively generous rewards that are frequent in Australian casinos. Nevertheless, this is a decent replica of this Asian favorite, and should delight any lover of this old dice game, which is similar to roulette.

On the Rise

Sicbo Australia was developed by InBet and is available at online casinos using their software. If you’re acquainted with other sic bo games, you’ll recognize this layout: set against a purple background, you’ll discover all of the traditional betting places. It is unlikely that you will get confused about where to place your chips or make a mistake due to the layout’s size and the boxes that make it simple to comprehend each possible bet.

If you’re unfamiliar with this old Chinese game, a little explanation is in need. The game is played with three ordinary dice with six sides. A number of bets may be made depending on the result of a roll of these dice. You may wager on the total, the specific numbers that will be rolled, and a variety of additional combinations, each of which offers varying rewards and odds. They are allowed to make as many or as few wagers as they see fit.

In a normal casino version of the game, all players put bets prior to the dealer signaling the end of betting and releasing the dice from a tumbler. All winning wagers are paid out according on the outcome, while lost wagers are collected by the casino. In this online version, you’ll be able to choose the speed of play: you may take as much time as you’d like to select your wager, and then initiate the roll when you’re ready.

From age 3 until age 18

If you have never played sic bo before, you will likely be astonished by the variety of betting possibilities. The layout might seem overwhelming at first sight, and there is not often a great deal of information on what each of these bets means. Fortunately, most of these alternatives are rather simple to comprehend after they have been described.

The Triple Crown

Speaking about triples, you can bet that they will occur, which presents the opportunity for rather significant rewards. If you correctly predict a certain triple, such as three fours, and that outcome occurs, you will win with odds of 180-1. If you like to be somewhat less dangerous, you may wager 30-1 odds on any triple being rolled. It is also possible to wager that two of a given number will be drawn; of course, this is far more probable, and if two of your selected number appear, you will win 10-1 on your wager.

A further option is to wager on a certain number being rolled. This “one-of-a-kind” wager requires you to choose a specific number; your payout will depend on the frequency with which this number appears. Two matches pay 2-1, while one match pays 1-1. The greatest reward is if you hit an improbable triple, which pays 12-1. This is one of the situations where the increased odds in Australia truly pay off: in other parts of the globe, even a three-of-a-kind only pays 3-1.

Lastly, there are combination wagers termed as “domino” wagers owing to their appearance on the table layout. You must choose a particular two-number combination, and you win with odds of 6-1 if those two numbers appear anywhere on the three dice.

Better Odds Make for a Better Game

This is really all there is to this game. Despite looks, sic bo is a really plain and uncomplicated game, and this version is no exception. Therefore, what makes Sicbo Australia special is that it provides players with exceptional odds, much superior to what gamblers generally encounter in many other countries.

This alone makes this a highly recommended game for our audience. Yes, sic bo has a somewhat strong house advantage compared to most other table games, and this variant doesn’t much change that. Fans of this Chinese classic will not find a better version of sic bo anyplace in the globe, making this the greatest way to play.

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